Thee Hypnotics


Jim Jones:Vox & Harp,… Ray’Sonic’ Hanson: Guitars,…. Will Pepper:Bass (86~92 & 93~95),… Phil /Smith/Staines :Drums 89~99,… Mark Thompson:Drums 86~89…. Craig Pike(R.I.P):Bass (92~93). Jeremy Cottingham :Bass (97~99) .Rock & Rolled around the Planet between 1986 & 1999 ..when we split!………………3 studio Albums « Come Down Heavy » (1989/90) , « Soul , Glitter & Sin » (1990/91), « The Very Crystal Speed Machine »(1993/94) and a ‘Live’ EP « Live’r Than God »(1989/90) date!? And….various Videos were made , for the singles etc ..( ya can find ..on You tube & the 2 Thee Hypnotics pages etc) .Dirty Heavy High Energy Rock N Roll..(British Style)..influenced & inspired by many ..too many to put here right now!!..(But I’m sure you Dig!..the sort of things!)..Always balancing on that edge!!..until imploding in 1999! cut a very very very! long story short!!..Check it Out!! Jim Ray & Phil continue with other bands & solo projects to theze daze…Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind ..Ray ‘Sonic’ Hanson’s Whores Of Babylon..& Phil Drums with his band The Estimators.. Unfinished Business???!!…



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